The Meta Outlaws was founded by a group of like-minded Outlaws from all walks of life who have been fully immersed in the art and crypto worlds for years. Each founding Outlaw brings a special talent to the table that goes beyond the skills needed to perform their daily duties, and that talent is one that is on the verge of extension, humility. We believe success is a product of dedication, sacrifice, and hard work which is why we are willing to pay the price to deliver for YOU, YOU, the community.


No simpler words have been spoken before, we are not here to paint a rosy or write long paragraphs laced with innuendos meant to distract our stakeholders. Meta Outlaws was born out of an inherent necessity to shine the spotlight back onto the reason NFTs have become what they are today, that core focus is decentralization. Our vision therefore is simple, giving power back to the people. The collection therefore derives inspiration from this theme, with a core focus on the following pillars


The community should be the beneficiaries of any successful project. The NFT space has fast become a ‘get rich quick scheme’ with individuals acting in cliques and cohorts, taking advantage of this opportunity to line their pockets without rewarding the people that empowered them. Without the community none of this would have been possible. Thus, the Outlaws are proposing a series of NFT collections ‘For the people, by the people.’


Privacy is at the core of what we believe, and not because we have anything to hide but because we have everything to protect. In a world where our privacy is slowly being stripped away by greedy governments, conglomerates, and multinationals, we must do everything we can to ensure that the Metaverse is protected.


Being an Outlaw is a reference to individuals that do not follow the status quo and constantly challenge the realms of possibility by being disruptive. Being an Outlaw, not only allows you to connect with fellow Outlaws in the Metaverse, but in the real world too, through exclusive events, meetups and more. With our strong global community, doors will be opened the world over, giving Outlaws unrestricted access.


Our goal is to provide value to our community, holders, and non-holders. While holders are scheduled to receive free airdrops, global concierge services and the $outlaws token when launched, the rest of the community members will receive 50% of the royalties to perpetuity. The community will also have a chance to vote on the next generation of Outlaws and future projects. In the words of Bane, “….and we give it back to you. THE PEOPLE!”