The community is everything, without which no foundation exists for this ‘Future World’ which is commonly referred to as the Metaverse. Active community members (discord members, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok followers) that do not own a Meta Outlaw NFT will be rewarded on a quarterly basis by receiving a portion of the 50% royalty derived from the sales during that quarter. However, we highly encourage all our community members to be holders to enjoy the awesome benefits of ownership.
Following the final sale of the last Outlaw, within 3 months, there will be a collection of NFTs to be airdropped free of charge to all the current owners
The private sale will be limited to a selected set of participants who will be handpicked by the founding Outlaws in order to maintain a balance for the vision. For the public sale, a whitelist will be created based on the outcome of the raffle, to give everyone a fair opportunity to buy and avoid gas fee wars.
From Monday Feb 28, 2022, until the collection is sold out 100%, you will be able to leave your Ethereum address on our website, and this will serve as a single entry to the raffle. The software from which the raffle is working will randomly select the list of addresses that will be able to mint.
There is a maximum of 5 Outlaws that can be minted per wallet at launch.
As a Meta Outlaws NFT holder, you own the commercial rights(not intellectual property) to the respective Outlaw NFT that you have custody over. As the owner of an Outlaw, you can sell its likeliness, derivatives or give others permission to use it. All owners have the licensing rights to the Outlaw NFTs but not to the Meta Outlaws name, logo, site, images, or other marketing materials.
Cool things, really, cool things. Your NFT is more than just an art piece but also a symbol of disruption that can be used as an avatar in the Metaverse and across the social channels. Your NFT will also be used as an access card to a wide variety of exclusive global events where you can meet and network with like-minded individuals. Also in the works are some exciting partnerships with global brands that will give holders access to awesome deals. As we add more functionality, NFT updates will be posted on the website clearly.
NFT is an acronym that stands for non-fungible token. Essentially an NFT is an asset that cannot be replaced with another identical one of the same value. Ownership of the asset is recorded on the blockchain making it easy to prove who the rightful owner of the asset is.
Mint prices will begin at ETH 0.05 for the pre-sale and ETH 0.07 for the public launch. Pricing has been strategically chosen to allow for price appreciation and wealth creation for holders.
There will be a private sale on 6 May 2022. This will be used to raise funds for the full public sale, date TBC.